Base utilities used by CKEditor 5 collaboration features to support multiple users working together in a rich text editor.

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CKEditor 5 collaboration core

CKEditor 5 collaboration core is a low-level API that provides base features to support multiple users working together in a rich text editor. It is used in collaborative features such as comments, track changes or real-time collaboration in CKEditor 5.


For more information about collaboration features visit CKEditor 5 collaboration features overview documentation.

Also, make sure you visit the CKEditor 5 changelog whenever a new version of the package is released.

Getting support

CKEditor 5 collaboration core comes with outstanding support from a dedicated team of customer care specialists, QA engineers and CKEditor 5 developers. The team will gladly assist you in all aspects from setting up your account to integrating CKEditor 5 collaboration features with your application.

As a licensed CKEditor 5 collaboration features user you can report bugs and request features directly through the CKEditor Ecosystem customer dashboard.


CKEditor 5 collaboration core
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