CKEditor 5 track changes plugin.

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CKEditor 5 track changes

CKEditor 5 track changes is a collaboration feature that makes it possible to track every change done by the user, mark the changes in the WYSIWYG editor content and show as suggestions.

The user is able to track all basic actions available in the rich text editor, including:

  • Typing, deleting, splitting, merging blocks,
  • Inline formatting (bold, italic, etc.),
  • Inserting images,
  • Block formatting (lists, headers, block quotes, etc.),
  • Table manipulations (inserting or removing rows and columns, splitting or merging cells, etc.).

They can also approve or discard individual changes, all selected changes or all changes together.

CKEditor 5 will automatically merge adjacent suggestions done by the same user and ensure that the users are not able to overwrite suggestions created by others as long as they have no full editing permissions.

It is also possible to comment on suggested changes.

Suggestions can be displayed in three modes:

  • Wide sidebar:

A screenshot of CKEditor 5 track changes feature with suggestions displayed in the wide sidebar

  • Narrow sidebar:

A screenshot of CKEditor 5 track changes feature with suggestions displayed in the narrow sidebar

  • Inline balloons:

A screenshot of CKEditor 5 track changes feature with suggestions displayed inline

The track changes feature also works with the real-time collaborative editing feature.


For more information about the track changes feature see the CKEditor 5 track changes documentation.

Also, make sure you visit the CKEditor 5 collaboration features changelog whenever a new version of the package is released.

Browser compatibility

CKEditor 5 track changes works in all major modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. They are also compatible with mobile environments: Android and iOS. Refer to the CKEditor 5 Browser compatibility article for more details.

Getting support

CKEditor 5 track changes comes with outstanding support from a dedicated team of customer care specialists, QA engineers and CKEditor 5 developers. The team will gladly assist you in all aspects from setting up your account to integrating CKEditor 5 track changes features with your application.

As a licensed CKEditor 5 track changes user you can report bugs and request features directly through the CKEditor Ecosystem customer dashboard.


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