Create Vue playgrounds

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import ckienleVueplay from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ckienle/vueplay';



vueplay allows you to get a Vue playground up an running in seconds.

Run vueplay and this happens:

  • A simple Vue project is created (in a temporary and unique director).
  • The project opens in Visual Studio Codes.
  • Vue is told to serve the project.


$ npm i -g @vue/cli-service-global
$ npm i -g @ckienle/vueplay

vueplay requires @vue/cli-service-global to be installed globally. Otherwise it will not work.


$ vueplay

Current State

vueplay is currently tailored to my personal needs. This means that there is not way to configure vueplay in any way. Running vueplay gives you:

  • A very simple Vue project in a temporary & unique directory with the following files:
    • App.vue: Entry point of the whole playground.
    • HelloWorld.vue: A simple component which is used by App.vue.
    • package.json: Simply contains a start-script which runs vue serve App.vue
    • .vscode/: A Visual Studio Code configuration with a simple Run-action.
  • After the playground has been created vueplay automatically
    • launches vue serve App.vue and
    • opens the playground in Visual Studio Code