Utility functions for reducing redux boilerplate.

Usage no npm install needed!

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ClaimCompass Redux


Utility functions for reducing redux boilerplate.

npm install --save @claimcompass/cc-redux


create(type, ?creator)

Creates an action creator. Example:

import { create } from '@claimcompass/cc-redux'

// no creator function specified - equivalent to using the identity function
// calling initUser({ firstname: 'Hi', lastname: 'World' }) returns
// { type: 'INIT_USER', firstname: 'Hi', lastname: 'World' }
export const initUser = create('INIT_USER')

// calling editUser('firstname', 'Hello') returns { type: 'EDIT_USER', firstname: 'Hello' }
export const editUser = create('EDIT_USER', (field, value) => ({ [field]: value }))

handle(initialState, actionMap)

Creates a redux reducer. The actionMap object is a plain object containing action types as keys. Example:

import { handle } from '@claimcompass/cc-redux'
import * as types from './actions'

const user = handle({ firstname: 'John' }, {
  [types.initUser]: (state, { user }) => ({ ...user }),

  [types.editUser]: (state, { user }) => ({ ...state, ...user })

  // the default method is invoked if the dispatched action does not matched any of
  // the actions above
  default: (state, action) => state


A custom applyMiddleware enhancer which comes with some middleware already applied. Currently the following middleware is applied by default:

  • thunk


import { applyMiddleware } from '@claimcompass/cc-redux'
import { createStore } from 'redux'
import reducer from './reducers'

const store = createStore(reducer, applyMiddleware())


npm run build && npm run test