ClayMultiStepNav component

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<script type="module">
  import clayuiMultiStepNav from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@clayui/multi-step-nav';


title: 'Multi Step Nav' description: 'A multi step nav, also known as a wizard, is a determinate progress bar used in long processes that divides the main task into subtasks. The wizard lets the user quickly identify their current progress in completing the task and navigate forwards and backwards between steps if needed.' lexiconDefinition: 'https://liferay.design/lexicon/core-components/forms/multi-step-form/' packageNpm: '@clayui/multi-step-nav'

import { MultiStepNav, MultiStepNavWithBasicItems, } from '$packages/clay-multi-step-nav/docs/index';

It's used when a major or big task has to be divided into smaller task, with the aim of letting the user breath in the process and providing them with a sense of progression.

Each step can have two different states: active or complete defined by props as you can see below.

Indicator position

Some use cases don't need the title or subtitle to add context to the steps, in those cases you might just want the label to be rendered to the top of the indicator, so it can truncate the text if it is long.

<ClayMultiStepNav indicatorLabel="top">
        expand={i + 1 !== steps.length}
        <ClayMultiStepNav.Divider />
            label={1 + i}

Collapsable Steps

Using ClayMultiStepNavWithBasicItems in combination with maxStepsShown prop you can collapse the steps that don't fit into a dropdown to ensure good user experience.