ClearRoad API mariadb Connector

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import clearroadApiStorageMariadb from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@clearroad/api-storage-mariadb';


ClearRoad API Storage MariaDB / MySQL

Note: 5 databases will be created to store the data, all prefixed with the database value (see below). Make sure you use credentials that have the rights to create databases.


npm install @clearroad/api-storage-mariadb


  1. Import the library:

Using with es6 / TypeScript

import { ClearRoad } from '@clearroad/api';
import storage from '@clearroad/api-storage-mariadb';

Using with require

const ClearRoad = require('@clearroad/api').ClearRoad;
const storage = require('@clearroad/api-storage-mariadb').default;
  1. Create a ClearRoad instance:
const options = {
  localStorage: {
    type: storage,
    host: 'host.com',
    user: 'user',
    password: 'passowrd',
    database: 'MyDatabase'
  useQueryStorage: true // we cannot query directly with the storage, so wrap in a query storage
const cr = new ClearRoad('url', 'accessToken', options);


Property Type Description Required
localStorage.type string Connector type. Use mariadb Yes
localStorage.host string Database host Yes
localStorage.user string Database user Yes
localStorage.password string Database password Yes
localStorage.database string Database name Yes
localStorage.documentsTableName string Database table name to storage all documents. Default is documents No
localStorage.attachmentsTableName string Database table name to storage all attachments. Default is attachments No
localStorage.timestamps boolean Add createdAt and updateAt fields on each row. Default is true No
useQueryStorage boolean Storage needs to be wrapped in a QueryStorage. Use true Yes