Cache system sort of similar to WeakMap but with some behavior control

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  import cleyFayeJsWeakcache from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cley_faye/js-weakcache';



Cache system sort of similar to WeakMap but with some behavior control


Have a controlled temporary cache; we do not want the GC to be able to remove values before a certain threshold is reached. This class implement a basic key-value mapping.



When creating a WeakCache instance some options can be provided to customize its behavior:

import WeakCache from "@cley_faye/js-weakcache";

const cache = new WeakCache({
  maxSize: 64*1024*1024,   // Maximum data size, in bytes
  mode: WeakCache.modeLFU, // Cleanup mode
  lfuWeight: 0.1,          // Usage weight for LFU mode

The maximum size dictate when to remove old entries. The mode specify how old entries are selected for eviction.

Setter and Getter

A WeakCache instance provides two method: set(key, value) and get(key, value). Calling set() will write an entry in the cache, eventually clearing old entries, and calling get() will return the current value associated in the cache, or undefined if the value is not set (or was evicted).

Mode of operation

LRU (Least Recently Used)

The key that were read the least recently are discarded until the cache size is under the allowed size.

LFU (Least Frequently Used)

This class implement a basic LFU algorithm; each time a value is read, a counter increase for this value and decrease for all others. The increase/decrease ratio is controlled by the lfuWeight option. Values with the lowest counter value are evicted first when required.

Issues and misc.

Data size

The total data size is computed using JSON serialization, meaning it will be a bit larger than the effective required space for a given value. On the other hand, the JavaScript overhead associated with managing these structures is not taken into account.

As such, the maximum size provided is a rough estimate of how much data can be stored and not an exact value.

Going over the maximum cache size

The cache will temporarily go over the maximum size during the eviction algorithm. This is not really an issue, since the object stored in the cache already exist and do not cause more memory usage (aside from very small management structures), but technically at some point the cache "reported" size happens to be higher than the maximum.

Efficiency and performances

This class provides a way to control how much data can be stored before cleaning. In some cases it might be possible to use native alternatives (like WeakMap). If possible, this will probably be better in term of performances.