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React NPM library starter kit

Build Status Dependencies Dev Dependencies

based on Facebook's Create react app. We are constantly updating repository with the updates of create-react-app, so we have all new features and bug fixes of it.

Converted to custom setup

Moved all dependencies to dev dependencies because we don't need extra dependencies for our library after build, but we want all this features while developing:

  • React, JSX, ES6, and Flow syntax support.
  • Language extras beyond ES6 like the object spread operator.
  • A dev server that lints for common errors.
  • Import CSS and image files directly from JavaScript.
  • Autoprefixed CSS, so you don’t need -webkit or other prefixes.
  • A build script to bundle JS, CSS, and images for production.

Getting Started

Clone repo

git clone https://github.com/DimitriMikadze/create-react-library.git

Install dependencies

npm install or yarn install

Start development server

npm start or yarn start

Runs the demo app in development mode. Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in the browser.

Library files

All library files are located inside src/lib

Demo app

Is located inside src/demo directory, here you can test your library while developing


npm run test or yarn run test

Build library

npm run build or yarn run build

Produces production version of library under the build folder.

Publish library

npm publish

Example library built with this starter kit