The Cloud Computer Jest Config

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Cloud Computer


The cloud computer is a one click deploy computer accessible through any web browser. It can be run on-premises, or on a cloud provider. It can be thought of as an open source Citrix Receiver.

Supported Applications

||||||| |-|-|-|-|-|-| | VS Code | Blender | Chrome | Krita | Darktable | Slack | | | | | | | | Postman | KiCad | Notion | OnlyOffice | Terminal | Gnumeric | | | | | | | | Grafana |||| |

Supported Storage

|||| |-|-|-| | Drive | Dropbox | OneDrive | Krita | Darktable | Slack | | | |

Getting Started

The cloud computer deploys with one command once cloud provider credentials are supplied.

  1. Supply your cloud provider and domain name configuration.

  2. Run yarn create:cloud-computer.

  3. Open https://terminal.your-domain.com to access the terminal user interface or https://desktop.your-domain.com to access the desktop environment.


The cloud computer can be hosted in the public cloud or on-prem. Public hosting requires credentials for creating cloud resources. Currently only Google Cloud Platform is supported. On-prem requires only Docker and Yarn to be installed.

The cloud computer is accessible via a URL. This requires a domain name and credentials for configuring DNS. Currently only CloudFlare is supported.


The cloud computer is built on 100% open source technologies.


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