CSS Flexbox Library which exposes prebuilt classes related to flex containers and a grid system using flex.

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<script type="module">
  import cloudedotsFlexCssClasses from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cloudedots/flex-css-classes';


Flex CSS Classes

This library provides basic CSS classes for using Flexbox features like Flex row, Flex Column, properties like grow, alignments and more.


Run following command to install library using NPM:

npm install @cloudedots/flex-css-classes


This library is available in two CSS variants :

  • CSS
  • SCSS

Import / Link the library file by referring to the node_modules folder

Note : If this library's css class names are conflicting with yourexisting css frameworks like bootstrap(.row) or angular material(.row), then you can use prefixed(flex-prefixed.scss/css) files which use (.flex-*) like .flex-row, .flex-column, .flex-item classes.

For CSS library :

@import "node_modules/@cloudedots/flex-css-classes/css/flex.css";


<link rel="stylesheet" href="node_modules/@cloudedots/flex-css-classes/css/flex.css" />


@import "node_modules/@cloudedots/flex-css-classes/css/flex-prefixed.css";


<link rel="stylesheet" href="node_modules/@cloudedots/flex-css-classes/css/flex-prefixed.css" />

For SCSS Library :

@import "node_modules/@cloudedots/flex-css-classes/scss/flex.scss";


@import "node_modules/@cloudedots/flex-css-classes/css/flex-prefixed.scss";

Demo and Library Description

Run demo.html file from node_modules/@cloudedots/flex-css-classes folder in your local browser to see a demo having examples and description of the library.


This project is licensed under the ISC License.