PaymentMethod Form for Dash and Zero Trust Dash

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<script type="module">
  import cloudflareComponentPaymentForm from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cloudflare/component-payment-form';



PaymentMethod Form for Dash and Zero Trust Dash

This component is created specifically to be used on Dash and Zero Trust dashboard. There are some setup requirements needed in order to properly consumer @cloudflare/payment-form.

  1. import fieldsReducer and set this reducer to the fields key (required by @cloudflare/redux-fields)
  2. import hCaptchaReducer and set this reducer to billing.captcha key
  3. Stripe PaymentElements provider will need to be initialized with a Stripe publishable key. Add the staging and prod public keys to the apps environment/configs and pass this key to stripePk prop on <PaymentMethodForm>. Ask a member on Billing Team for the key if needed.
  4. usageEnv prop on <PaymentMethodForm> is required and will accept values 'teams' | 'dash'. This is needed since there are slight differences in dependencies on Zero Trust Dash and Dash and this component will need knowledge of app context for conditional logic.
  5. updateBillingProfile and createBillingProfile prop on <PaymentMethodForm> is required and each app is responsible for making this action / endpoint call to subscriptions-api /api/v4/accounts/:accountId/profile
  6. import sparrow and initialize in the app as sparrow event calls will be made from this component. Documentation can be found https://www.npmjs.com/package/@cloudflare/util-sparrow

import {
  fieldsReducer as billingFieldsReducer,
  hCaptchaReducer as billingHCaptchaReducer
} from '@cloudflare/component-payment-form'

const appReducers = combineReducers({
  fields: billingFieldsReducer,
  billing: combineReducers({
    captcha: billingHCaptchaReducer,
    creditCardProcessor: credititCardProcessorReducer
import sparrow from '@cloudflare/util-sparrow'

  clientId: 'client-id-string',
  debug: production ? true : false,
  enabled: production ? true : false
  url: production ? 'https://sparrow.cloudflare.com' : ''


$ yarn add @cloudflare/component-payment-form


import React from 'react';
import PaymentMethodForm from '@cloudflare/component-payment-form';

const ComponentWithPaymentMethodForm => {
  return (
        stripePk={staging ? '123' : '456'}
        updateBillingProfile={() => {}}
        createBillingProfile={() => {}}