Connect your SQL database to Cloudflare Workers.

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  import cloudflareDbConnect from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cloudflare/db-connect';



This is an experimental project, it has not yet been released and may be removed at any time.

Connect your SQL database to Cloudflare Workers. Import this lightweight Javascript library to execute commands or cache queries from a database through an Argo Tunnel. Although designed for Workers, this library can be used in any environment that has access to the Fetch and SubtleCrypto APIs.


npm i -s @cloudflare/db-connect


import { DbConnect } from '@cloudflare/db-connect'

const db = new DbConnect({
  host: 'sql.mysite.com',
  clientId: 'xxx',
  clientSecret: 'xxx'

async function findBirthday(name) {
  const resp = await db.submit({
    statement: 'SELECT * FROM users WHERE name = ? LIMIT 1',
    arguments: [ name ],
    cacheTtl: 60

  if(!resp.ok) {
    return new Error('oops! could not find user.')

  const users = await resp.json()
  // [ { "id": 1111,
  //   "name": "Matthew",
  //   "birthday": "2009-07-01" } ]

  return users[0].birthday

findBirthday('Matthew').then(bday => console.log(bday))


db-connect requires that you setup Cloudflare Access, Argo Tunnel, and Workers. You can use the quickstart command below or read the quickstart file for details on how to set this up yourself.

npm i -g @cloudflare/db-connect


db-connect supports the following database drivers out-of-the-box. If your database is not explicitly on the list it may still be supported. For instance, MariaDB uses the MySQL protocol and CockroachDB uses the PostgreSQL protocol.

In the future, we may consider adding support for more databases such as Oracle, MongoDB, and Redis. If you want to contribute you can track the code in the cloudflared repository.


new DbConnect(options)

import { DbConnect } from '@cloudflare/db-connect'

const db = new DbConnect({
  host,         // required, hostname of your Argo Tunnel running in db-connect mode.
  clientId,     // recommended, client id from your Access service token.
  clientSecret, // recommended, client secret from your Access service token.

Promise<Response> db.ping()

import { DbConnect } from '@cloudflare/db-connect'

const db = new DbConnect({...})

async function myPing() {
  const resp = await db.ping()
  if(resp.ok) {
    return true
  throw new Error(await resp.text())

new Command(options)

import { Command } from '@cloudflare/db-connect'

const cmd = new Command({
  statement, // required, the database statement to submit.
  arguments, // optional, either an array or object of arguments.
  mode,      // optional, type of command as either 'query' or 'exec'.
  isolation, // optional, type of transaction isolation, defaults to 'none' for no transactions.
  timeout,   // optional, number of seconds before a timeout, defaults to infinite.
  cacheTtl,  // optional, number of seconds to cache responses, defaults to -1.
  staleTtl,  // optional, after cacheTtl expires, number of seconds to serve stale, defaults to -1.

Promise<Response> db.submit(command)

import { DbConnect, Command } from '@cloudflare/db-connect'

const db = new DbConnect({...})

const cmd = new Command({
  statement: 'SELECT COUNT(*) AS n FROM books',
  cacheTtl: 60

async function mySubmit() {
  const resp = await db.submit(cmd)
  if(resp.ok) {
    return await resp.json() // [ { "n": 1234 } ]
  throw new Error(await resp.text())


If you want to test db-connect without a database you can use the following command to create an in-memory SQLite3 database:

cloudflared db-connect --playground

Beta Access

We are looking for beta testers who want to create applications using db-connect using Cloudflare Workers. If you have a use-case or an idea, reach out to us and we'll consider giving you with special access!