Chat cli for announcing releases from CI

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  import cloudflareMegaphone from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cloudflare/megaphone';


📣 cli


A cli for yelling about things (like release notifications) in chat.

This library was created as an alternative to doing raw curl calls in CI scripts.


$ npm install @cloudflare/megaphone


$ megaphone --bot eve "Releasing a thing!"  # or...
$ megaphone -b eve "Releasing a thing!"

# Specify a specific thread
$ megaphone --bot eve --thread <thread_id> "Releasing a thing!"


In order to get meaningful results about the state of internationalization of a repo, there are some configuration that the i18n command relies on.

The the first thing the i18n command does is to locate the i18n.config.js config file closest to the directory from which the command is run.

The config file is expected to have a shape like:

module.exports = {
  bots: {
    alice: 'https://chat.googleapis.com/v1/spaces/AAAAqKuBJzw/messages?key=<alice_key>&token=<some_token>',
    bob: 'https://chat.googleapis.com/v1/spaces/AAAAqKuBJzw/messages?key=<alice_key>&token=<some_token>'

The bots object contains key value pairs of bot names and the webhook url associated with each. These urls can be found in gchat. Note that webhook urls are specific to a space.