Create request pool queue for all types of http request

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  import cluelesscodersRequestPool from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cluelesscoders/request-pool';


Request Pool

Creates a pool of request.


  • Axios based request pool
  • Support for all axios request types.


import { RequestPool } from '@cluelesscoders/request-pool';

const targets = [
    { url: 'http://testurl1/', method: 'GET' },
    { url: 'http://testurl2/', method: 'GET' },
    { url: 'http://testurl3/', method: 'POST', data: { test: 'data' } },

// limit two request at a time
const poolSize = 2;

const reqPool = new RequestPool(targets, poolSize);

// Get all responses including the failures
const responses = await reqPool.start();