npm package for cmsdriven content managment system build for any modern web app

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  import cmsdrivenHeadless from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cmsdriven/headless';


Headless CMS

Create content in our platform and fetch it from our SDK

Visit the website: cmsdriven.io

Note: There is an online chat support ready to help you with any question

Install the dependancies

npm i @cmsdriven/headless --save

Use our SDK

// Import the cmsdriven sdk
const cmsdriven = require("@cmsdriven/headless");

// Create a client for your token
const client = cmsdriven.createClient({
    accessToken: "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE"

// Ask for a specific page
this.pageComponents = await client.getPage('/test/page', 'http://dev.mydomain.com');

// Get all the pages by environment
this.pageComponents = await client.getAllPages('prod');

// Get all the pages by environment and specific tag 
this.pageComponents = await client.getPagesByTag('MY_CUSTOM_TAG', 'staging');