Scripts for developing and distributing the CMS Design System and child design systems

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This package contains shared scripts and tooling for CMS design systems. It includes scripts for the following:

  • Compiling & minifying design system files
  • Building & watching documentation site files
  • Running unit & a11y tests
  • Running eslint and stylelint


This package is intended to be used with the design-system-docs package.

npm install --save @cmsgov/design-system-docs
npm install --save @cmsgov/design-system-scripts


Run the design system scripts using the cmsds command:

yarn cmsds
npx cmsds

Use the --help option to see the full list of available commands, or a specific command’s options

yarn cmsds --help
yarn cmsds build --help

Available commands:

  • yarn cmsds build - Builds the JavaScript and Sass for your main design system package.
  • yarn cmsds build-docs - Builds your main design system package and its corresponding documentation site.
  • yarn cmsds start - Builds and hosts the documentation site, automatically rebuilds and refreshes when changes are detected
  • yarn cmsds test - Runs unit tests
  • yarn cmsds test:a11y - Runs end to end tests
  • yarn cmsds lint - Runs prettier, stylelint and eslint

See the npm scripts in our package.json for an example of how these scripts are used in the core CMS Design System.

Bugs and contributions

Please submit an issue on GitHub for any bugs or feature requests.

You can also read our CONTRIBUTING.md document to learn about setting up a local development environment, contributing to the design system, and our coding guidelines.