QPP Core Sass/CSS and React design system assets

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<script type="module">
  import cmsgovQppDesignSystemCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cmsgov/qpp-design-system-core';


This package contains the following design system assets:

  • Base styles
  • Utility classes
  • Sass/CSS and React components
  • Sass mixins and variables
  • Fonts and images


npm install --save @cmsgov/design-system-core


The source files included are written in Sass (.scss). You can add your node_modules directory to your Sass includePaths and import the file like this:

@import "@cmsgov/design-system-core/src/index";

or import the transpiled CSS:

@import "@cmsgov/design-system-core/dist/index.css";

Please view the documentation site for additional information.


Examples of the design system in use can be found in the examples directory on GitHub.

Bugs and contributions

Please submit an issue on GitHub for any bugs or feature requests.

You can also read our CONTRIBUTING.md document to learn about setting up a local development environment, contributing to the design system, and our coding guidelines.

File Structure

The design system follows a variation of ITCSS (Inverted Triangle architecture for CSS). The goal is to write CSS in specificity order.

├── dist                Compiled CSS and JS
├── fonts
├── images
└── src                 Non-compiled Sass and JSX
    ├── base            Base HTML styles
    ├── components      Sass and React components
    │   ├── Button
    │   └── etc...
    ├── generics        Far reaching selectors
    └── utilities       Functional CSS classes to apply individual traits