CMS QPP specific express middleware to get version from Accept header and put it on the request object

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This package provides ExpressJS middleware that parses incoming HTTP headers to determine the type and version of the API to be consumed. It sets a apiVersion and format property on the req object.

The library will parse the version from the Accept header, expecting the following format:

Accept: application/vnd.qpp.cms.gov.v1+json


Accept: application/vnd.qpp.cms.gov.v123+xml


Accept: application/vnd.qpp.cms.gov.v123


node v10.15.x or higher


Set request version by 'Accept' header

const requestVersion = require('@cmsgov/qpp-shared-api-versioning-node');



const options = {
  defaultFormat: 'json'
  defaultVersion: 1,
  supportedVersions: [1, 2]

You can pass a defaultFormat to set a format if none are passed. Note: This will only be set if the format in the Accept header of the request matches xml or json.

You can pass in a defaultVersion value on options to set the default version if there is no version in the Accept header of the request:

app.use(requestVersion.setVersion({ defaultVersion: 1 }));

If you pass in a supportedVersions array on options the requested version does not exist in the array, then the defualt version will be set.


If you define a middleware after requestVersion then you can verify that the version is indeed set:

app.use((req, res, next) => {


npm install @cmsgov/qpp-shared-api-versioning-node


npm test

Project linting:

npm run lint


npm run test:coverage

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