Vue CLI plugin to scaffold front-end projects

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  import cnamtsVueCliPluginVueDash from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cnamts/vue-cli-plugin-vue-dash';


Vue CLI plugin Vue Dash

Vue CLI plugin to scaffold CNAM front-end projects


If you want to scaffold a new project, you should use the Vue Dash Preset.

But if you want to add it to an existing project, you should install the plugin and then invoke it:

# Install the plugin
yarn add -D @cnamts/vue-cli-plugin-vue-dash

# Invoke it
vue invoke @cnamts/vue-dash

By default, this will not update your project files, but if you want to render the Vue Dash template anyway, you can use the --render-template option:

vue invoke @cnamts/vue-dash -- --render-template


This plugin contains the template to scaffold new projects, but also some extra features described below.

Auto fix missing env var file

In our applications, there is env var files located in public/js/config.

When cloning the project, you have two files: config.js.env and config.js. The first is used when deploying your project, and the later serves as a template to create the config.js file locally.

This plugin augments the default vue-cli-service serve command by copying config.js.dist to config.js if the file doesn't exists. This way you have no setup to do when cloning a project!