This is MongoDB connector in cloud or local environment(Cloud Foundry)

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import cnlabsMongodbCloudConnector from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cnlabs/mongodb-cloud-connector';



Library to work with MongoDB in local and cloud environment


  • Local
  • Cloud Foundry
  • GitLab CI (env variable)


yarn add @cnlabs/mongodb-cloud-connector
npm install --save @cnlabs/mongodb-cloud-connector


For example use with express web server

       import { db } from '@cnlabs/mongodb-cloud-connector';

       app.get("/foo", async (req, res) => {
           const bars = await (await db()).collection('bar').find({}).toArray()
           res.send( { bars } )
       db('default', {poolSize: 1}).then(()=> {


function db(name?: string, options?: MongoClientOptions): Promise<MongoClient>;

Connects to database depending on environment

Currently supported 3 possible environments:

  • default

    No special environment variables are set

    • default call: uses mongodb://localhost:27017/default url to connect
    • call with name: uses mongodb://localhost:27017/ url to connect
  • GitLab CI

    MONGODB_URL environment variables is set

    • default call: uses <MONGODB_URL>/default url to connect
    • call with name: uses <MONGODB_URL>/ url to connect
  • Cloud Foundry compatible

    VCAP_SERICES environment variables is set

    • default call: uses first bound service
    • call with name: resolve service by name
    • No bound services or no service with name causes throwing an Error
       @param name Name of database or Cloud Foundry bound service
       @param options Database connection options default is:
                    poolSize: 10,
                    autoReconnect: true,
                    useNewUrlParser: true
       @return MongoClient to communicate with mongo
            Mongo client is cached by name. It means that you call db() first time to get client connected
            any sequential calls will return the same instance unless clearCache is called
            Giving so wi need options only in first call
            We recommend to make fist call as soon as possible (for example: before express.listen() call to
            follow fail fast concept) and pass options to that call. any next call you can specify only name