Styleguide & Component library for Codecademy

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  import codecademyGamut from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@codecademy/gamut';


Gamut Components

Component Guidelines

  1. Core Gamut components should be stateless if at all possible. This increases flexibility allowing parent components and data stores like redux to control state, and also simplifies components making them easier to understand and test.
  2. Components should be broken down into their most useful and flexible parts.

When to add a component to Gamut

When considering whether to add a component to Gamut, answer these questions:

  1. Is this component necessary to complete a basic set of styleguide components? Using examples from other popular component libraries can be helpful.
  2. Is this component or some version of it used across all or most new React based applications at Codecademy?

Required CSS


Components are written using the :focus-visible selector, which is not supported in all major browsers. The neighboring @codecademy/webpack-config package uses postcss-focus-visible to support the selector, which assumes your app uses the postcss-visible polyfill.