Drag and Drop

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<script type="module">
  import codecksDnd from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@codecks/dnd';




npm install @codecks/dnd


Working with all kinds of dnd approaches for Codecks, it became clear that native html-based drag and drop is still a big pain.

This library is inspired by react-beautiful-dnd but does things differently:

  • only offering primitives, (i.e. no built-in reordering, no good accessibility story yet, PRs very welcome!). Thus, it's relatively small (< 7kb gzipped)
  • only using Portals for dragged elements (to make a transition to virtualized lists more straight forward)

The library is meant as a substitute for the html-based drag and drop functionality offered via a fairly minimal react-based api.



import {DragController, Draggable} from "@codecks/dnd"

<DragController type="box" renderItem={({id}) => <Box id={id} />}>
    {boxes.map((id) => (
      <Draggable key={id} type="box" id={id} itemData={{id, myProp: true}}>
        {({handlers, ref}) => <Box {...handlers} ref={ref} id={id} />}

renderItem is used for rendering the dragged item in a portal, so it's compatible with windowing-based lists.

It's using the render props pattern for the child so it can replace the content with a placeholder while dragging.


const DropZone = ({width = 200}) => {
  const {isOver, dragItem, ref} = useDropZone({
    type: "box",
    onDragOver: ({item, position}) => console.log("drag"),
    onDrop: ({item, position}) => console.log("drop!"),

  return <div ref={ref}>Drop Here!</div>;

onDragOver's position will be null when the dragItem leaves the drop zone.


  • My dragged item doesn't appear when dragging!?

    First, make sure that the DragController is setup correctly with the correct type. Also the renderItem should not be wrapped with the Draggable component.


  • add pointer-events: none to everything (i.e. body) while dragging (to avoid hover effects, etc)
  • drag file support?


Licensed under MIT