run npm commands for all your submodules

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import codeverNpmExecuteSubmodules from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@codever/npm-execute-submodules';


NPM Execute Submodules

npm (scoped)

Executes an npm script through all the NPM modules in node_modules folder.

How does it work

The provided script will be executed for every package.json file that has that script implemented inside node_modules folder. It is supposed to fit well with complex projects having custom submodules as dependencies. If those submodules have an updated version with new migrations or new tests, you can make it all run with a single command.

Why I should need it

Every package.json file can have a scripts section like

  "scripts": {
    "test": "jest mytest --notify"

if you need to execute npm run test on all (or part) of our submodules, you could use execute-submodules test

Why not using npm explore?

npm explore is a very great tool, but it only calls one module at a time. If you need to execute the same command on all your submodules, you should call npm explore for each one of them.


npm install @codever/execute-submodules --save-dev


execute-submodules [command] [--dir [directory]] [--ignore [regexp]] [--verbose]


  • --dir sets a specific subdirectory where the packages. Default value is node_modules, but using local modules could need a different directory
  • --ignore sets a regular expression pattern to exclude matches
  • --verbose output every module where the npm script is executed

Usage with npm

npx execute-submodules [command]


Run all the migration (npm run migrate) throught all the submodules

execute-submodules migrate


npx execute-submodules migrate