Coditory linter rules for JavaScript.

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  import coditoryEslintConfigCoditory from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@coditory/eslint-config-coditory';


Coditory eslint configuration

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Eslint configuration used in Coditory. It is an extension of well known eslint-airbnb-config.

This configuration does not use peerDependencies. it means that when you install eslint-config-coditory it will be installed with all its eslint plugins.

For more details on eslint shareable configuration see the documentation.

Sample usage

Create .eslintrc in project root directory and add:

extends: coditory

For koa based project use specific configuration:

extends: 'coditory/koa'

Different configurations

  • index - Use it for any es6 projects.
  • base - Use it for node.js projects. Does not include react and other plugins.
  • react - Use it for react projects.
  • koa - Use it for koa based projects.