Simple webcomponent to create fully customizable drawers.

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<script type="module">
  import coffeekrakenDrawerWebcomponent from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@coffeekraken/drawer-webcomponent';


Coffeekraken s-drawer-component

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Simple webcomponent to create fully customizable drawers.

Table of content

  1. Install
  2. Get Started
  3. Javascript API
  5. Coffeekraken


npm install @coffeekraken/drawer-webcomponent --save

 Get Started

First, import the component into your javascript file like so:

import DrawerWebcomponent from '@coffeekraken/drawer-webcomponent'

Then simply use it inside your html like so:

<ck-drawer name="menu">
    <!-- your drawer content -->
<main is="ck-drawer-content">
    <!-- your main website content -->
    <label for="menu">
        Open menu drawer

If you need some default styles for your drawer, follow theses steps:

// import the drawer-webcomponent API
@use 'node_modules/@coffeekraken/drawer-webcomponent' as drawer-webcomponent;

// generate the classes
@include drawer-webcomponent.classes(
    $name: my-cool-drawer
    $side: right

// customize the drawer overlay
@include drawer-webcomponent.element(overlay, my-cool-drawer) {
    background-color: red;


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