Supports encryption and decryption through the Cogito app

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  import cogitojsCogitoEncryption from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cogitojs/cogito-encryption';



Enables end-to-end encryption between users without having to worry about key management. Encryption keys are stored in the Cogito mobile app on the users' phones. The private keys never leave the user's phone.


Add @cogitojs/cogito-encryption as a dependency:

$ yarn add cogitojs/cogito-encryption

The example below shows how to use telepath and Cogito Encryption to create a new public/private keypair.

import { Telepath } from '@cogitojs/telepath-js'
import { CogitoKeyProvider } from '@cogitojs/cogito-encryption'

const telepath = new Telepath('https://telepath.cogito.mobi')
const telepathChannel = await telepath.createChannel({ appName: 'Tutorial' })

const keyProvider = new CogitoKeyProvider({ telepathChannel })
const tag = await cogitoKeyProvider.createNewKeyPair()

Each keypair has a unique identifier called a tag. Once a keypair has been created, you can retrieve the public key and use it to encrypt some data:

import { CogitoEncryption } from '@cogitojs/telepath-js'

const publicKey = await cogitoKeyProvider.getPublicKey({ tag })

const encryption = new CogitoEncryption({ telepathChannel })
const cipherText = await encryption.encrypt({
  jsonWebKey: publicKey,
  plainText: 'a secret'

You can request decryption by the Cogito mobile app. Note that it is not possible to retrieve the private key. Decryption can only happen by the Cogito mobile app after the user has consented.

const plainText = await encryption.decrypt({ tag, encryptionData: cipherText })