Supports getting identity info from the Cogito app

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import cogitojsCogitoIdentity from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cogitojs/cogito-identity';



Retrieve the username or Ethereum address of the connected Cogito user. This requires that a Telepath connection with the user's Cogito mobile app has already been set up. When setting up this connection, the user choses which identity to associate. You can only retrieve the details of this identity.


Add @cogitojs/cogito-identity as a dependency:

$ yarn add `@cogitojs/cogito-identity`

The example below shows how to use telepath and CogitoIdentity in order to retrieve the user identity properties:

import { Telepath } from '@cogitojs/telepath-js'
import { CogitoIdentity } from '@cogitojs/cogito-identity'

const telepath = new Telepath('https://telepath.cogito.mobi')
const channel = await telepath.createChannel({ appName: 'Tutorial' })

const requestedProperties = [
const cogitoIdentity = new CogitoIdentity({ channel })
const info = await cogitoIdentity.getInfo({ properties: requestedProperties })
if (!info) throw new Error('No identity found on the mobile device!')
console.log(info.ethereumAddress, info.username)

Currently, ethereumAddress and username are the only identity attributes supported by CogitoIdentity.