Interface to the lifetion coin P2P network for bitcore

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Bitcore P2P Lifetion Coin

NPM Package

The peer-to-peer networking protocol for LTP.

bitcore-p2p-ltp adds Lifetion Coin protocol support for Bitcore.

See the main bitcore repo for more information.

Getting Started

npm install bitcore-p2p-ltp

In order to connect to the Bitcoin Cash network, you'll need to know the IP address of at least one node of the network, or use Pool to discover peers using a DNS seed.

var Peer = require('bitcore-p2p-ltp').Peer;

var peer = new Peer({host: ''});

peer.on('ready', function() {
  // peer info
  console.log(peer.version, peer.subversion, peer.bestHeight);
peer.on('disconnect', function() {
  console.log('connection closed');

Then, you can get information from other peers by using:

// handle events
peer.on('inv', function(message) {
  // message.inventory[]
peer.on('tx', function(message) {
  // message.transaction

Take a look at this guide on the usage of the Peer class.


See CONTRIBUTING.md on the main bitcore repo for information about how to contribute.


Code released under the MIT license.

Copyright 2013-2019 BitPay, Inc. Bitcore is a trademark maintained by BitPay, Inc.