React JS Draggable Panels, Dialogs, and Modals

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  import cojamDuxpanel from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cojam/duxpanel';



DuxPanel is set of responsive, mobile-ready React components that implement draggable and fixed-position panels and dialogs. The panels and dialogs can be modal and respond to key presses like Escape and Enter.

Notable Features

  • Panels and dialogs are draggable or fixed-position
  • Responsive and mobile ready
  • Modal or non-modal
  • Stackable
  • Responds to Escape and Enter
  • Convenience dialogs such as Ok/Cancel, Yes/No, and progress.
  • All panels and dialogs can be styled with CSS

Getting Started

npm install @cojam/duxpanel

Visit the website at https://cojamru.github.io/duxpanel/ including full documentation and examples.


The GitHub repository is at https://github.com/cojamru/duxpanel