Sundry configurations for JS projects.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Sundry configurations for JS projects.

Getting Started

Installing dot-js

dot-js is available as @colbyr/dot-js on npm.

Install it with yarn...

yarn add --dev @colbyr/dot-js

Or npm...

npm install --save-dev @colbyr/dot-js

Automatically add configs and dependencies

Once installed, dot-js can automatically install and configure useful tools like eslint, prettier, and typescript.


NOTE: This command changes files in your project, so be sure to commit or stash your changes first.

Put command docs in the README

Be sure to document the avaiable commands in your README!



Scripts available through npm run {command} or yarn {command}.

Command Description
format [opts...] Passthrough to the prettier cli.
format:all Formats the entire project with prettier.
lint [opts...] Passthrough to the eslint cli.
lint:all Lint the entire project.
ping Returns "pong". Useful for testing if scripty is setup correctly.
test [opts...] Run all the project tests.
test:branch Run tests affected by changes in the current branch.
test:ci Run tests affected in CI mode.
test:watch Continuously run tests for changed files.
types [opts...] Passthrough to the typescript compiler cli.
types:all Type check the entire project.
verify Run all static checks (e.g. linters, and type checks).