Web Monitoring Panel for Colyseus

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<script type="module">
  import colyseusMonitor from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@colyseus/monitor';



Web Monitoring Panel for Colyseus

You can use an express middleware to enable authentication on the monitor route, such as express-basic-middleware:

import * as basicAuth from "express-basic-auth";

const basicAuthMiddleware = basicAuth({
    // list of users and passwords
    users: {
        "admin": "admin",
    // sends WWW-Authenticate header, which will prompt the user to fill
    // credentials in
    challenge: true

app.use("/colyseus", basicAuthMiddleware, monitor());

Setting custom room listing columns

app.use("/colyseus", basicAuthMiddleware, monitor({
  columns: [
    { metadata: "spectators" }, // display 'spectators' from metadata

If unspecified, the default room listing columns are: ['roomId', 'name', 'clients', 'maxClients', 'locked', 'elapsedTime'].


Install the dependencies and start the dev-server:

npm install
npm start

Access the UI on http://localhost:2567/colyseus.

Environment Variables

  • (optional) GAME_SERVER_URL: the URL for colyseus monitor to monitor (example: server.game.com), default to current URL (${window.location.protocol}//${window.location.host}${window.location.pathname})