Official Clearbit user enrichment plugin for Comba.

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  import combaPluginClearbit from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@comba/plugin-clearbit';


Clearbit Plugin for Comba

Comba is an open-source and white-label customer support dashboard and widget that is powered by Stream. This is a plugin for Comba that adds support for people enrichment via Clearbit.


To install Comba, user npm or yarn (yarn is the preferred method for installation). Then create an account with Clearbit and copy your API Key. Once you have obtained your Clearbit API Key, add the plugin to the array in plugins.json as well as the API Key as an environment variable.

1. Install

$ yarn add @comba/plugin-clearbit

2. Create an account with Clearbit


3. Install jq (optional)

4. Add your environment variable to your .env file or Netlify account


Or on Netlify, head over to Build & Deploy > Environment > New Variable and add a new environment variable:


Then click Save to deploy your new settings to Netlify.

5. Add your Clearbit API Key to your environment (with jq)


Note: For any issues or questions regarding this plugin, please provide feedback in the issues section and tag your issue with the plugin name.