Gatsby theme for commercetools documentation providing the functionalities to render constants values in MDX defined in configuration files

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  import commercetoolsDocsGatsbyThemeConstants from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@commercetools-docs/gatsby-theme-constants';


commercetools Documentation Kit 💅

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✨ The Documentation website generator for commercetools docs 🛠

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This repository is a monorepository that contains packages to develop documentation websites for commercetools. It includes things like Gatsby themes, Gatsby plugins, UI components, etc. Please look at the individual packages in packages folder for functional documentation.

See the documentation of this kit for all further reading.


Contributions are welcomed. Please have a read at the contribution guidelines.


Source code is under the MIT License (see the LICENSE file)

All icons, images, and the implemented visual design are UNLICENSED outside commercetools and its subsidiaries.

Individual packages in this repository can have deviating licensing in their respective LICENSE, README.md and package.json files.