Generates RAML docs compatible with @commercetools-docs/gatsby-transformer-raml

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  import commercetoolsDocsRamldocGenerator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@commercetools-docs/ramldoc-generator';


commercetools Docs Kit "RAMLdoc" Generator

DEPRECATED in favor of the new @commercetools-docs/rmf-codegen package which provides the complete functionality of rmf-codegen without a restrictive wrapper CLI.


For installing the new dependency, please refer to the rmf-codegen README. Remove this package from your package.json

In scripts that automate the generation of the canonical RAML, for example the following previous command:

npx commercetools-ramldoc-generator --name <api-spec-name> --src <api-spec-source-path> --dest <api-spec-destination-path>

Would equal the following new command:

npx rmf-codegen <api-spec-source-path>/api.raml -o <api-spec-destination-path> -t RAML_DOC