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commercetools UI Application Kit 💅

✨ Monorepository with tools and components for developing Merchant Center Applications 🛠

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To help you developing Merchant Center Applications, be sure to check out our ui-kit components library.

Getting started

If you are developing a Merchant Center application, you can start by installing one of our templates using the create-mc-app CLI.

$ npm install --global @commercetools-frontend/create-mc-app
$ create-mc-app my-new-custom-application-project --template starter

# or

$ npx @commercetools-frontend/create-mc-app my-new-custom-application-project --template starter

Developing application-kit packages

Install the dependencies (uses yarn workspaces):

$ yarn

To run the tests:

$ yarn test

# or
$ yarn test:watch

Build the application bundles

$ yarn build

# or
$ yarn build:bundles:watch

Start the playground application:

NOTE: the playground application consumes the app-kit dependencies's es modules, which means you need to bundle the packages first. We recommend to bundle the packages in watch mode in one terminal process and start the playground app in another terminal process.

// Terminal process 1
$ yarn build:bundles:watch

// Terminal process 2
$ yarn playground:start


Please look at the single packages in packages folder for documentation specific of each package.

Documentation website coming soon


Contributions are welcomed. Please have a read at our contribution guidelines.