Library that helps with updating orders into the commercetools platform.

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Orders Update

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A library that helps with updating orders into the commercetools platform.

Supported order fields

  • customLineItems
  • lineItems
  • syncInfo
  • returnInfo
  • shippingInfo.deliveries



You can use the orders update from the command line using sphere-node-cli. In order for the CLI to update orders, the file to update from must be JSON and follow the this structure:

  "orders": [

To update lineItems/customLineItems status the order object have to follow this format

  orderNumber: 1234567,
  lineItems: [{
    state: [{
      fromState: 'statekey',
      toState: 'statekey',
      quantity: 20, // The number of quantity you want to migrate from the a state to another.
      _fromStateQty: 100 // The quantity in the 'fromState' before the update. More information about why this is necessary [here](https://github.com/commercetools/orders-update/issues/11)

Then you can use this file using the cli:

sphere-node-cli -t order -p my-project-key -f ./orders.json

When updating returnInfo, all items are compared against existing return info items. If there is a matching returnInfo item (matched by keys returnTrackingId and returnDate) script goes through returnItems and sets new shipmentState or paymentState if they differ from old values. If returnInfo item is not found it is inserted as a new item.

Direct usage

If you want more control, you can also use this library directly in JavaScript. To do this you first need to install it:

npm install @commercetools/orders-update --save

Then you can use it to update an order like so:

const fs = require('fs');
const OrdersUpdate = require('orders-update');

const ordersUpdate = new OrdersUpdate({
  config: {
    project_key: '',
    client_id: '',
    client_secret: '',

const orderData = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync('order.json'));

  .then(() => {
    // look at the summary

    // {
    //   errors: [...],
    //   inserted: [...],
    //   successfulImports: 1
    // }


OrdersUpdate accepts one object as an argument:

  • API client config (required)
  • Logger takes object with four functions (optional)
    • error
    • warn
    • info
    • verbose


See contributing.md for info on contributing.