Simple module to generate random values from a given range or array

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Simple module to generate random values from a given range or array.

Version License: MIT

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npm install @compactjs/random


 * Returns a pseudo random number between min and max.
 * (min inclusive, max exclusive)
 * Max can be smaller than min.
 * If max is not omitted, between 0 and min.
 * If min is not omitted, between 0 and 1.
function random(min?: number, max?: number): number;

 * Returns a random item from a given array
 * @param choices to select from
function pick(choices: any[]): any;

As module:

import { random, pick } from '@compactjs/random';


random(10, 100); // => random value between (including) 10 and 100
random(10); // => random value between 0 and 10
random(); // => random value between 0 and 1

pick([0, 1, 2, 3]); // => picks random value from 0,1,2,3

Run tests

npm run test


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