A SPARQL query engine for querying over decentralized RDF knowledge graphs on the Web

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A knowledge graph querying framework for JavaScript
Flexible SPARQL and GraphQL over decentralized RDF on the Web.

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Comunica is an open-source project that is used by many other projects, and is being maintained by a group of volunteers. If you would like to support this project, you may consider:

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Comunica is a community-driven project, sustained by the Comunica Association. If you are using Comunica, becoming a sponsor or member is a way to make Comunica sustainable in the long-term.

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Query with Comunica

Read one of our guides to get started with querying:

Or jump right into one of the available query engines:

Modify or Extending Comunica

Read one of our guides to get started with modifying Comunica, or have a look at some examples:


Interested in contributing? Have a look at our contribution guide.

Development Setup

(JSDoc: https://comunica.github.io/comunica/)

This repository should be used by Comunica module developers as it contains multiple Comunica modules that can be composed. This repository is managed as a monorepo using Lerna.

If you want to develop new features or use the (potentially unstable) in-development version, you can set up a development environment for Comunica.

Comunica requires Node.JS 8.0 or higher and the Yarn package manager. Comunica is tested on OSX, Linux and Windows.

This project can be setup by cloning and installing it as follows:

$ git clone https://github.com/comunica/comunica.git
$ cd comunica
$ yarn install

Note: npm install is not supported at the moment, as this project makes use of Yarn's workspaces functionality

This will install the dependencies of all modules, and bootstrap the Lerna monorepo. After that, all Comunica packages are available in the packages/ folder and can be used in a development environment, such as querying with Comunica SPARQL (packages/actor-init-sparql).

Furthermore, this will add pre-commit hooks to build, lint and test. These hooks can temporarily be disabled at your own risk by adding the -n flag to the commit command.


If you want to do benchmarking with Comunica in Node.js, make sure to run Node.js in production mode as follows:

> NODE_ENV=production node packages/some-package/bin/some-bin.js

The reason for this is that Comunica extensively generates internal Error objects. In non-production mode, these also produce long stacktraces, which may in some cases impact performance.


If you are using or extending Comunica as part of a scientific publication, we would appreciate a citation of our article.

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This code is copyrighted by Ghent University – imec and released under the MIT license.