[DEPRECATED] Helper library to provide services integration.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import condorLabsHelpers from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@condor-labs/helpers';




This project contents the helpers we use in our nodejs projects

Team in charge

CEB-CORE development team


  • Node.js 9.4.0+

Installing this package

    npm install ceb-helpers --save

Update a Package


This package use the next versioning system:


where each X represent a integer number, and a new change.

The first one represent new functionalities, the second one represetn new improvements, and the last one represent new fixes.

Directory Structure

 |- Coverage
 |- examples
 |  |- folder
 |- src
 |  |- helper.js
 |- test
 |  |- helper-test.js
 |- .gitignore
 |- gulpfile.js
 |- index.js
 |- package.json
 |- package-lock.json
 |- README.md

Adding a new helper

To add a new helper you will need to create three new files in examples, src, and test folders.

They will follow the next pattern.

  • example: HELPERNAME.js
  • src: HELPERNAME.js
  • test: HELPERNAME-test.js
Note: remplace **HELPERNAME** with the name of your helper.

Also you will need to add a new reference in the index.js file placed in the root folder following the next pattern.

Into module.exports object add a new function.

**HELPERNAME**: () => {
            return require('./src/**HELPERNAME**.js');
Note: be sure that your helper file have a export/

Increasing package version

You will need to update the package.json file placed in the root folder.

identify the property version and increase the right number in plus one.

How to Publish

Login in NPM by console.

 npm login
 [Enter username]
 [Enter password]
 [Enter email]

If all is ok the console will show you something like this : Logged in as USERNAME on https://registry.npmjs.org/.

Uploading a new version

 npm publish

Ref: https://docs.npmjs.com/getting-started/publishing-npm-packages

Note: you will need to have a NPM account, if you don't have one create one here: https://www.npmjs.com/signup