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The missing crypto module for Node.js. Bcrypto provides you with a consistent interface across Node.js and the browser. It is implemented as a Node.js addon for C libraries libtorsion and libsecp256k1 with corresponding implementations in JavaScript.


const rng = require('bcrypto/lib/random');
const entropy = rng.randomBytes(32);

const Hash256 = require('bcrypto/lib/hash256');
const digest = Hash256.digest(Buffer.alloc(32, 0xaa));


See the ./lib directory for available modules and APIs.


nodejs (linux) nodejs (macos) nodejs (win) browser
aead c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion) js
aes c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
bcrypt c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
blake2b{160,256,384,512} c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
blake2s{128,160,224,256} c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
bn js w/ bigint js w/ bigint js w/ bigint js
chacha20 c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion) js
cshake{128,256} c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion) js
ctr-drbg c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
dsa c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
eb2k c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
ecies c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion) js
ed25519 c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
ed448 c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
gost94 c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
hash160 c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion) js
hash256 c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion) js
hash-drbg c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
hkdf c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
hmac-drbg c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
keccak/sha3{224,256,384,512} c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion) js
kmac{128,256} c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion) js
md{2,4,5} c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
md5sha1 c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
merkle js js js js
mrkl js js js js
murmur3 c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
p{192,224,256,384,521} c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
pbkdf2 c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
pgp js js js js
poly1305 c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
random c (openssl²) c (openssl²) c (openssl²) js³
rc4 c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
ripemd160 c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
rsa c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
rsaies c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion) js
salsa20 c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion) js
schnorr c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
scrypt c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
secp256k1 c (libsecp256k1²) c (libsecp256k1²) c (libsecp256k1²) js
sha1 c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
sha{224,256,384,512} c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion) js
shake{128,256} c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion¹) c (libtorsion) js
siphash c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
ssh js js js js
whirlpool c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
x25519 c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js
x448 c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) c (libtorsion) js


  1. with x86-64 assembly
  2. optionally with libtorsion
  3. using the webcrypto api

Contribution and License Agreement

If you contribute code to this project, you are implicitly allowing your code to be distributed under the MIT license. You are also implicitly verifying that all code is your original work. </legalese>


  • Copyright (c) 2017-2019, Christopher Jeffrey (MIT License).

See LICENSE for more info.