WASM Build of CharLS

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JS/WebAssembly build of CharLS

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Install this in your JavaScript project using npm:

# NOTE - this is not published yet so won't work yet...
#npm install --save-dev charls-js 


Before using this library, you must wait for it to be initialized:

const charls = require('charlsjs')
charls.onRuntimeInitialized = async _ => {
    // Now you can use it

To decode a JPEG-LS image, create a decoder instance, copy the JPEG-LS bitstream into its memory space, decode it, copy the decoded pixels out of its memory space and finally, delete the decoder instance.

function decode(jpeglsEncodedBitStream) {
  // Create a decoder instance
  const decoder = new charls.JpegLSDecoder();
  // get pointer to the source/encoded bit stream buffer in WASM memory
  // that can hold the encoded bitstream
  const encodedBufferInWASM = decoder.getEncodedBuffer(jpeglsEncodedBitStream.length);
  // copy the encoded bitstream into WASM memory buffer
  // decode it
  // get information about the decoded image
  const frameInfo = decoder.getFrameInfo();
  const interleaveMode = decoder.getInterleaveMode();
  const nearLossless = decoder.getNearLossless();
  // get the decoded pixels
  const decodedPixelsInWASM = decoder.getDecodedBuffer();
  // TODO: do something with the decoded pixels here (e.g. display them)
  // The pixel arrangement for color images varies depending upon the
  // interleaveMode parameter, see documentation in JpegLSDecode::getInterleaveMode()
  // delete the instance.  Note that this frees up memory including the
  // encodedBufferInWASM and decodedPixelsInWASM invalidating them. 
  // Do not use either after calling delete!

const jpeglsEncodedBitStream = // read from file, load from URL, etc

See examples for browsers and nodejs. Also read the API documentation for JpegLSDecoder.hpp and JpegLSEncoder.hpp


See information about building here


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