Company names dictionary for cspell.

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  import cspellDictCompanies from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cspell/dict-companies';


Cspell Company names Dictionary

Company names dictionary for cspell.

This is a pre-built dictionary for use with cspell.


Global Install and add to cspell global settings.

npm install -g @cspell/dict-companies
cspell link add @cspell/dict-companies

Uninstall from cspell

cspell link remove @cspell/dict-companies

Manual Installation

The cspell-ext.json file in this package should be added to the import section in your cspell.json file.

    // …
    "import": ["@cspell/dict-companies/cspell-ext.json"],
    // …


Building is only necessary if you want to modify the contents of the dictionary. Note: Building will take a few minutes for large files.

npm run build



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