Node.js implementation of the Sidetree protocol.

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  import decentralizedIdentitySidetreeCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@decentralized-identity/sidetree-core';


Sidetree Node.js implementation

The Node.js implementation of a blockchain-agnostic Sidetree Node using TypeScript.

Build Status

See the protocol document for the full Sidetree protocol specification.

See the implementation document for the detailed description of this implementation.

Contribution Guidelines:

  1. Must pass npm run test.
  2. Must pass npm run lint.
  3. Must and only prefix the name of a "data structure interface" (interface that is without methods and act purely as data holders) with an I.
  4. Must and only export a class as a default export if the class name matches the file name.
  5. Must sort imports.