A collection of utils methods and functions developed for DeckDeckGo

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DeckDeckGo - Utils

A collection of utils methods and functions developed and used across apps and components of DeckDeckGo.

Table of contents


The following functions and methods are statically exposed:

Unify an event

To unify a mouse or touche event

static unifyEvent(e: any): any


Debounce a function. Per default 300ms.

static debounce(func: Function, timeout?: number)

Is mobile?

Is the current navigator used on mobile devices? The list of devices from Detect Mobile Browsers is use for detection purpose.

static isMobile(): boolean

Is iOS?

Is the current device an iOS one (iPad, iPhone and iPod)?

static isIOS(): boolean

Is full screen?

Compare the window.innerHeight and screen.height to detect full screen or not.

static isFullscreen(): boolean


MIT © David Dal Busco and Nicolas Mattia