React state manager based on hooks

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  import dhmkUseHooks from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@dhmk/use-hooks';



npm install @dhmk/use-hooks

This package optimizes usage of a global state in a React app.

It lets you use any hooks at the top level of your app without refreshing all children components on state changes.

Normally, if you have a code like this:

function App() {
  return <AppState.Provider value={appState}>...</AppState.Provider>;

any changes in state will cause unnecessary re-renders in descendant components.

This package allows you to tune which components should re-render in a similar way that react-redux does, but without actually using redux.

For more info see examples folder.


<Provider state={}>...</Provider>

Provides a state to children components via context. Whenever the state changes it will NOT update children. Instead, any children descendants, that called useSelector will be updated if selector produces a different value.

useSelector<S, T>(fn: (state: S) => T, eq?: (a: T, b: T) => boolean)

Same as Redux useSelector. It will trigger an update only if newly selected value differs from previous one.


Helper for typescript

function useApp() {
  return {
    counter: useCounter(),
    todos: useTodos(),

const useSelector = createSelectorHook<ReturnType<typeof useApp>>();

// now `s` will have correct type instead of `any`
useSelector(s => ...)