Dial Once's node microservice boot script

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  import dialonceBoot from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@dialonce/boot';



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boot scripts to configure @dial-once node microservices
requires es6

Installing the module

npm i @dialonce/boot

Using it

Require it as the first instruction (after env vars are set)

    LOGS_TOKEN: '',
    BUGS_TOKEN: ''

Using logger/reporter

You can use the logger/reporter directly from the module, without including the deps in your project. This will allow us to update/switch providers easily.

const logger = require('@dialonce/boot')().logger;
const notifier = require('@dialonce/boot')().notifier;

Please note that these instructions will print an error if the module has not been initialised before

Logger error/warn forward

If you use the logger with error/warn level, the message is automatically forwarded to the notifier. You still have the ability to disable it globally or locally.

const logger = require('@dialonce/boot')({ NOTIFY: false }).logger; // to disable it globally
const logger = require('@dialonce/boot')().logger;

logger.error(err, { notify: false }); // to disable it only for this log

The local disable/enable have the priority over the global

Current included modules

  • Bugsnag (bug reports)
  • Logentries (logs)
  • Winston (logs)