Plugin to add Twilio SMS authentication to a Hapi server using Airtable as a data store

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  import draftbitHapiAirtableSmsAuthenticationPlugin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@draftbit/hapi-airtable-sms-authentication-plugin';


Hapi Airtable SMS Authentication Plugin

A plugin that adds Twilio SMS authentication to a Hapi server, utilizing Airtable as a data store. It will add two endpoints - /verify and /confirm - that can be used to send a confirmation code and to confirm the confirmation code is correct.


Register the plugin with your Hapi server by doing the following:

await server.register({
  plugin: require("@draftbit/hapi-airtable-sms-authentication-plugin"),
  options: {
    airtableBase: AIRTABLE_BASE,
    airtableApiToken: AIRTABLE_API_TOKEN,
    twilioAccountSid: TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID,
    twilioAuthToken: TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN,
    twilioNumber: TWILIO_NUMBER,
    messagePrefix: "Your Draftbit confirmation code is ",

In Airtable, you must have a table called Users, with the following columns:

  • phone_number, of type Single line text (not of type Phone Number, to avoid formatting inconsistencies)
  • login_code, of type Single line text
  • phone_confirmed, of type Checkbox

The following three routes will be added to your server:

  • /verify - GET - Generates a code and triggers the first step in the authentication process, sending the SMS message. On success, returns { OK: true }. On failure, returns 400 Bad Request. The following query parameters are required:
    • phoneNumber - The phone number of the authenticating user
  • /confirm - GET - Confirms that the code passed in for the phone number is the correct code. Marks phone_confirmed as true if user has entered correct code. On success, returns { userId: string }. On failure, returns 401 Unauthorized.
    • phoneNumber - The phone number of the authenticating user
    • code - The code that the user has entered


All options are required.

  • airtableBase - The ID of the Airtable Base you wish to interact with
  • airtableApiToken - Your Airtable API key
  • twilioAccountSid - Twilio Account SID from www.twilio.com/console
  • twilioAuthToken - Twilio Auth Token from www.twilio.com/console
  • twilioNumber - Your Twilio phone number
  • messagePrefix - The text to prefix in the SMS message before the code