node-ctags prebuild package

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Self-sufficient fork of node-tags prebuilt for Mac and Linux. Read all about ctags here.


ctags includes prebuilt binaries of node-tags for Mac and Linux for major versions of node.js and io.js. It's meant for use in Atom packages where your end-user might not have a proper build toolchain.

This module isn't meant to be built by the end-user. It doesn't include the necessary files for it.


findTags(tagsFilePath, tag, [options], callback)

Get all tags matching the tag specified from the tags file at the path.

  • tagsFilePath - The string path to the tags file.

  • tag - The string name of the tag to search for.

  • options - An optional options object containing the following keys:

    • caseInsensitive - true to include tags that match case insensitively, (default: false)
    • partialMatch - true to include tags that partially match the given tag (default: false)
    • limit - maximum number of matches to return. Should be a positive integer. (default: unlimited)
  • callback - The function to call when complete with an error as the first argument and an array containing tag objects. Each tag object contains:

    • name - name of the tag
    • file - location of the tag
    • kind - kind of the tag (see ctags --list-kinds)
    • lineNumber - line number of the tag in file (defaults to 0 if not provided)
    • pattern (optional) - pattern to search for in file (only if provided in tag file)
    • fields (optional) - object with string values; extra fields for the tag (only if provided in tag file)


const ctags = require('nuclide-prebuilt-libs/ctags');

ctags.findTags('/Users/me/repos/node/tags', 'exists', (error, tags=[]) => {
  for (tag of tags) {
    console.log(`${tag.name} is in ${tag.file}`);

createReadStream(tagsFilePath, [options])

Create a read stream to a tags file.

The stream returned will emit data events with arrays of tag objects that have name and file keys and optionally a pattern key if the tag file specified contains tag patterns.

An error event will be emitted if the tag file cannot be read.

An end event will be emitted when all the tags have been read.

  • tagsFilePath - The string path to the tags file.

  • options - An optional object containing the following keys.

    • chunkSize - The number of tags to read at a time (default: 100).

Returns a stream.


const ctags = require('nuclide-prebuilt-libs/ctags');

const stream = ctags.createReadStream('/Users/me/repos/node/tags');
stream.on('data', (tags) => {
  for (tag of tags) {
    console.log(`${tag.name} is in ${tag.file} with pattern: ${tag.pattern}`);