Parse Electron documentation into a machine readable JSON file

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import electronDocsParser from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@electron/docs-parser';


Electron Docs Parser

Generate a structured JSON API file from Electron's free-form documentation


yarn global add @electron/docs-parser
cd ~/projects/path/to/electron/repo
electron-docs-parser --dir ./

# You now have ./electron-api.json with the entire Electron API


  • --useReadme - Assume all documentation is in the module's base README.md file
  • --dir - The base directory where documentation is located.
    • API documentation must be located in /docs/api within the specified base directory.
    • API structures documentation must be located in /docs/api/structures within the specified base directory.
  • --packageMode - Can be single or multi; default single. Specifying multi allows exporting multiple packages from an API instead of multiple modules from a single package.

How it Works

We generate a markdown AST for every documentation file and search for "Modules", "Classes" and "Structures". We then use the well documented and enforced Electron docs style guide to pull the required information about methods, properties and events from the generated AST.

For more information you should start your code dive in DocsParser.ts and then probably block-parsers.ts.

TypeScript Definitions

The output of this module is used to generate TypeScript definitions for the Electron API. This module itself is not used to generate those definitions - @electron/typescript-definitions is.

Further, if you're looking for tooling that automatically surfaces typings in GitHub PRs, you're probably looking for Archaeologist.