UI components for web based CAD

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  import elmarquezFour from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@elmarquez/four';


FOUR - User Interface Components for Web Based CAD

FOUR is a family of components for building web-based computer aided design applications using THREE.js.

  • FirstPersonController - First person navigation controller
  • OrbitController - Orbit controller
  • TrackballController - Trackball controller
  • MotionPlanner - camera motion path planner
  • TargetCamera - camera for CAD applications
  • ViewAxis - camera orientation controller
  • ViewCube - camera orientation controller
  • Viewport3D - 3D viewport.

Add FOUR as a dependency to your project:

npm install -S @elmarquez/four

then import the library in your application:

import FOUR from '@elmarquez/four';

The ViewAxis control requires the THREE Helvetiker Regular typeface. This font file is not included in the compiled FOUR library and must be loaded separately. However, the file itself has been provided in the distribution folder.

import '@elmarquez/four/dist/fonts/helvetiker_regular.typeface';

Optional FOUR css styles for HTML viewport overlay elements are available in a separate file:

import '@elmarquez/four/dist/css/four.css';


See the issues list and project board for the list of current or planned modifications.

Install build and runtime dependencies:

npm install

Build the library:

npm run build

Build documentation:

npm run docs


See the LICENSE file.